Our secret

Right now, we’re about to let you in on our biggest secret: How we create the magical and unique taste of Cocio. Well, technically it’s not a secret because we proudly share it with the world, but let’s just forget that for a moment. Secret sounds more awesome than recipe. 🥰

If you ask a Cocio where home is, it’ll answer Esbjerg - Because that’s where Cocio was born and where the Cocio factory is located. We can produce 800.000 cans and bottles of liquid loveliness a day. That’s a lot. But there are a lot of Cocio-craving stomachs out there.

Our list of ingredients is not very long. Actually Cocio Chocolate Milk only contains a few quality ingredients: fresh milk, the best RA certified cocoa from Africa, some sugar and a bit of natural flavour. 🍫🥛

We mix the ingredients and pour it into glass bottles (or cans) and the lid is put on. Then the bottles are put into a large cooker for about 20 minutes. ⏲ It’s this cooking process that gives Cocio its unique and creamy taste - because at the exact right temperature the sugar caramelises, the magic happens and the delicious, unique and creamy taste of Cocio comes to life. 🤤 Nobody has ever been inside the cooker, when this happens, but we’re pretty sure...

After the cooking process, the products settle for exactly 5 days to get that great Cocio taste - you know what they say; good things come to those who wait. 🤎

Taste it yourself

Cocio Delight


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